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The French origins of the Fiddian family may have been traced back to 1066 and beyond, via a branch of the Vivians, but a direct link has not yet been established. The origins of the Brooksbank family now go back to around 1250 but are unlikely to be traced further back.

Research has progressed on my wife's ancestors. The Peperell and Prater families can both be traced back to 1066 and beyond. The Leaford and Smith family trees have also been completed but do not extend as far back in time. 

Many photographs have been added but I would welcome contributions from relatives on both sides of the family to fill in some of the gaps.


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Tree   Last Modified 
Goddard, Daniel 
b. 1773  Chieveley, Berkshire  Fidgen 18 Sep 2019
Goddard, Thomas 
b. 1715  Chieveley, Berkshire  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
Goddard, Robert 
b. 1713  Chieveley, Berkshire  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
Goddard, Richard 
b. 1711  Chieveley, Berkshire  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
   Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
Goddard, Thomas 
b. 1684  Hampstead Norris, Berkshire  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
Goddard, Isaac 
b. 1706  Chieveley, Berkshire  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
Goddard, Flemming 
b. 1708  Chieveley, Berkshire  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
   Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
Angell, Jane 
b. 1598  Chieveley, Berkshire  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019


 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 F4135  I10368  Thomas Goddard  I10907  1710  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
 F4038  I10368  Thomas Goddard  I10369  1705  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
 F4117  I10808  Roger Goddard  I10903  8 Feb 1624  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
 F4118  I10813  Roger Goddard  I10814  5 Nov 1576  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
 F4039  I10371  Roger Goddard  I10372  25 Dec 1683  Fidgen 17 Sep 2019
 F4134  I10370  Richard Goddard  I10891  24 Oct 1757  Fidgen 16 Sep 2019
 F3077  I752  James Robert Nicholas Fiddian  I6250    Fidgen 9 Sep 2019
 F3626  I9033  Thomas Blackstone  I9034  1533  Fidgen 4 Sep 2019
 F3627  I9036  Thomas Blackstone  I9038    Fidgen 4 Sep 2019
 F4133  I8767  John Stringer, Husbandman  I10887  6 Nov 1592  Fidgen 4 Sep 2019